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Elbow Hygroma Due to Dirofilaria repens in Dogs – Two Case Reports

M. Shiju Simon, A Methai, B. Gowri and N. Pazhanivel

Veterinary University Peripheral Hospital, Madhavaram Milk Colony, TANUVAS, Chennai - 600 051

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal September 2020 : 97 (09) - pages 20 to 22
(Received: February, 2020, Accepted: August, 2021)


A 5 months old German shepherd male pup weighing 8.5 kg and 1.5 years old Non descript intact male dog weighing 12 kg were presented with the history of swelling on the left caudal elbow region since a month. Physical examination of the left elbow of both animals revealed golf ball sized fluid filled fluctuating mass over the olecranon area. Aspiration of swelling using a 16 gauge needle evacuated 20 ml sero-sanguineous fluid and a white colored thread like material which were confirmed as Dirofilaria repens. The two case reports were rare incidence of elbow hygroma due to parasitic origin

Key Words: Dog , Elbow hygroma, Dirofilaria repens

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