Table Of Contents: September 2020 : 97 (09)

    Effect of Supplementation of Probiotics on the Growth Performance of Goat Kids
    P. Suresh Kumar
    Effect of Usage of Transdermal Progesterone Cream for Estrus Induction in Repeat Breeding Dairy Cattle
    A.Anitha, S.Chitradevi and R.Arumugam
    Impact of Front Line Demonstration on Mixed Green Fodder Crops Under Coconut Garden In Kanyakumari District
    Srivara Buddhi Bhuvaneswari. S
    Elbow Hygroma Due to Dirofilaria repens in Dogs – Two Case Reports
    M. Shiju Simon, A Methai, B. Gowri and N. Pazhanivel
    Successful Management of Uterine Torsion Coupled with Caesarean in a Full-Term Pregnant Persian Cat
    S. Rangasamy, R. Raja Lakshmi, U.S. Kalyaan, J. Uma Mageswari and K. Krishnakumar
    Management of Dystocia Due to Hypoplastic Vulval Lips by Unilateral Episiotomy in a Malnad Gidda Cow
    S. Rangasamy, J. Umamageswari, R. Raja Lakshmi, U. S. Kalyaan and K. Krishnakumar
    Scrotal Ablation in African Boer - A Case Report
    R.V.Suryawanshi, Gauri Ubhare, A.H.Ulemale and P.B.Chogale
    Management of Chronic Cervico-Vaginal Prolapse by Ovario Hysterectomy and Cervicopexy in a Bitch
    S.Kantharaj, H.Hemalatha, K.Murugavel, and D.Antoine
    Egg Yolk Peritonitis in an Eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus)
    M. Thangapandiyan, P. Krishnaveni, V. Kumar and G.V. Sudhakar Rao
    A Rare Case of Dystocia in Rabbit and its Surgical Management
    Joju Johns, S.V.Madhusudhan, K.Pramod, S.Sooryadas and P.T.Dinesh
    Poisoning in Cattle by Tetramelesnudiflora (False Hemp Tree) in Wayanad District, Kerala- A Case Report
    P.M.Deepa, C.V.Rajani, K.S.Raghavan and M.Pradeep
    Calcinosis Cutis in a Pug Dog – A Case Report
    N. Pazhanivel, R. Saahithya, M. Thangapandiyan, V. Arun, Dasari Priyanka Swami and Ganne Venkata Sudhakar Rao
    Diagnosis of Ranikhet Disease – A Field Report
    M. Jeevana Latha and M. K. Srikanth