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Successful Management of Baby Pig Disease in a 14-day Old Piglet

M.R. Krishnanath, S.G.Sangeetha, R. Arunkumar and N.P. Usha

Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala- 680651

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal April 2021 : 98 (4) - pages 25 to 26
(Received: February, 2022, Accepted: February, 2022)


A 14-day old piglet was presented to TVCC Mannuthy in a state of comatose. Clinical examination revealed hypothermia and hypoglycemia. Blood smear examination revealed presence of bipolar organisms. Animal was shifted to neonatal incubator and 25% dextrose was administered through intraperitoneal route. Inj. Sulphadiazine-trimethoprim was administered through intramuscular route for five days. Oxygen therapy was also instituted since the snout appeared cyanotic. Animal showed clinical improvement within 15 minutes of treatment and after 30 minutes animal started walking by its own.

Key Words: Hypothermia, Hypoglycemia, 25% dextrose

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