Table Of Contents: April 2021 : 98 (4)

    Potential Herbs for Bovine Mastitis Research - A Mini Review
    Khan Sharun, C.V. Haritha, Trisha Singhal, Sonu S. Nair, Mohd. Iqbal Yatoo, Sandip Chakraborty, Kaveri Jambagi, Hardeep Singh Tuli, and Kuldeep Dhama
    The Prevalence of Dog Bites and Knowledge and Practices Relating to its Management and Prevention in Rural Residents of Pondicherry - A Descriptive Cross Sectional Study
    Mani Mercy, S.Pravinraj, Premnath Dhasaram, and Lourdu Jafrin
    Atresia Ani in Sheep and Goats: A Retrospective Study
    S.H. Dar, M.B. Gugjoo, A.A. Raja, H Athar, M Dar, SA Rather, Murseleen, JD Parra and MR Fazili
    Successful Management of Baby Pig Disease in a 14-day Old Piglet
    M.R. Krishnanath, S.G.Sangeetha, R. Arunkumar and N.P. Usha
    Post Partum Uterine Eversion and its Management in a Doe - A Case Report
    B.Prakash Kumar, P.Ramesh, and K.Prabhakar Rao