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Screening the Clinical and Sub-Clinical Mastitis with Tanuchek SCC Kit


Veterinary University Training and Research centre, 306, Sathy Road, Veerappan Chatram, Erode, Tamil Nadu - 638004

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July 2020: 97 (7) - pages 26 to 27
(Received: February, 2020, Accepted: April, 2020)


This study was conducted to screen dairy animals with clinical and sub clinical mastitis using TANUCHEK SCC KIT. A total of 280 milk samples were collected from four quarters of 70 cows from 10 different small dairy farms located at Erode District. Out of the 280 samples screened, 60 samples were found to be positive for sub-clinical mastitis (21.42%) and 52 samples for clinical mastitis (18.57%). The farmers were advised to use Teat-Protect germicidal spray in these dairy cows twice daily after milking for a period of one month. The milk samples collected from same milch animals after one month period when screened using TANUCHEK SCC KIT showed that 35 samples were positive for sub clinical mastitis (12.5%) and 20 samples for clinical mastitis (7.14%).

Key Words: Cow, Mastitis, TANUCHEK

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