Table Of Contents: July 2020: 97 (7)

    Adoption of Improved Dairy Husbandry Practices among the Tribal Farmers in Upper North Bank of Brahmaputra Valley in Assam
    U.R. Tamuli and B. Borthakur
    Diagnosis of Leptospirosis by Polymerase Chain Reaction from Field Specimen in Telangana State
    N.Karuna Sree, G.Sunitha, A.V.Krishna Mohan, Ch.Malleswari and V.Lakshma Reddy
    Entomopathogenic Fungi Prevalent in Soil and Rhipicephalus (B) microplus Ticks in Tamil Nadu
    K.T. Kavitha, D. Saranya and Bhaskaran Ravi Latha
    Evaluation of the CHOP Chemotherapy on Ethylnitrosurea Induced Clastogenicity in Wistar Rats
    R.Madheswaran, G.A.Balasubramaniam, P.Srinivasan, K.Sukumar, S.Kathirvel and C.Balachandran
    Repellent Activity of Phyto additive Combinations on Musca domestica in Poultry Farm
    Screening the Clinical and Sub-Clinical Mastitis with Tanuchek SCC Kit
    Functional Sperm Parameters of Crossbred Bull Semen Extended Using OptiXcell; a Liposome Based Commercial Extender
    S.Sudheer, Deepthi S.S.Rose, S. Sumeeth and V.M.Rajesh
    Empirical Therapeutic Evaluation of Homeopathic Medicine (Conium maculatum) and Cod Liver Oil Capsules in Canine Distemper Infected Dogs
    V. Naveenkumar, M. Vijaya Bharathi, K. Porteen, G. Selvaraju and B.S. Pradeep Nag
    Management of Lice Infestation in a Calf with Ethno-Veterinary Based Preparation: A Case Study
    D.Divyalakshmi, N. Kumaravelu, S.Usha and P.Tensingh Gnanaraj
    Hydroallantois Due to Adventitious Placenta in a Heifer - A Case Report
    K. Vignesh, K. Murugavel, S. Kantharaj and D. Antoine
    A Clinical Case Report of Mastitis Metritis Agalactia Syndrome in a Sow
    D. Divyalakshmi, N. Kumarvelu, S.Usha and P. Tensingh Gnanaraj
    Nitrite Poisoning in Kilakaraisal and Vembur Sheep – A Case study
    P.Suresh Kumar and A. Palanisammi
    Evisceration of Gravid Ruptured Uterus and Fetus in a Cat and its Management
    A.Methai, M.Shiju Simon and K.Krishnakumar