50/19 | Clinical & Field Article | Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

Perineal Urethrostomy for the Management of Urinary Incontinence Due to Hard Scrotal Swelling in a Tom Cat

Anjan Kour, Arun Anand, SK Mahajan and Vandana Sangwan

Department of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology, GADVASU, Ludhiana 141004, Punjab

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal August 2019 : 96 (8) - pages 60 to 62
(Received: February, 2019, Accepted: April, 2019)


A 7 year old tom cat weighing 3.5 kgs was brought with history of partial urinary obstruction due to hard scrotal swelling pressing the penis. Perinealurethrostomy was done under general anaesthesia using Acepromazine, Ketamine and Isourane. The urethra was catheterized with a tom catheter and the swollen scrotum along with testicles was removed. After proper dissection of penile urethra, the penis was severed dorsally up-to the extent of bulbourethral glands and the urethral mucosa was sutured with the skin.On follow up, the cat showed complete recovery for upto 6 month follow up.

Key Words: cat,urethrostomy, tom catheter, feline urolithiasis

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