Table Of Contents: August 2019 : 96 (8)

    Supplemental Strategy to Improve Nutritive Value of Cotton Gin Waste – A Potential Cattle Feed
    Harsh Bathini, C.Valli and V.Balakrishnan
    Bioactivity of Digestive Enzymes and Histological Descriptions of Jejunum of Broilers Supplemented with Sunower Seed Flour (Helianthus Annuus L)
    Bodhi Agustono, Mohammad Anam Al Arif, Maya Nurwartanti Yunita, Muhammad Thohawi Elziyad Purnama and Faizal Ulkhaq
    Epidemiology of Gastrointestinal Nematodosis in Goats in Perambalur District of Tamilnadu
    P. Suresh Kumar
    Stunning of Broiler and its Effect on Meat pH Value and Corticosterone Hormone: Study of Animal Welfare
    Prima Ayu Wibawati, Mufasirin and A.T. Soelih Estoepangestie
    Comparison of Ladakhi Donkeys with Three Other Donkey Populations of India Based on Morphometric Attributes
    R. Behl, S.K. Niranjan, J. Behl, P. Ranjan, V.K. Bharti and M. Iqbal
    Proposed Rates for the Introduction of Vitamin-A into the Diets of Dairy Cows and Fattened Bull Calves on Different Feeding Types
    Andrey Vladimirovich Valoshin
    Evaluation of Eclosion Blocking Effect of Some Plant Extracts on the Cattle Tick Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus
    N. Jeyathilakan, S.T. Bino Sundar, A. Sangaran and Bhaskaran Ravi Latha
    Characterization of Cellulolytic Bacteria as Candidate Probiotic for Animal
    Andreas BernyYulianto, WidyaParamitaLokapirnasari, RifkyNajwan, Khoirul Huda, Hana CipkaPramudaWardhani, and Nabil FarizNoor Rahman
    Prevalence of Heat Stress in Equids Working in Brick-kilns in India
    D.S. Mohite, C.S. Sheikh, P.C. Compston, R. Jobling and M.M. Upjohn
    Effect of Halal Slaughtering to Total Plate Count Values on Beef Meat in Ten City Slaughterhouses East Java Province, Indonesia
    Dhandy Koesoemo Wardhana, Diyantoro, Koesnoto Soepranianondo and Budiarto
    Wet Distillers Grain Solubles (WDGS) Production Performance in Cows
    S.D. Changan, S.M. Bhalerao, A.V. Khanvilkar and V.U. Dhande
    human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) from Urine of Pregnant Women to Manipulate in vivo Ovulation and Pregnancy of Madura Cows
    Herry A. Hermadi, R.T.S. Adikara, Sunaryo H. Warsito and Erma Satri
    Management of Pre and Post Partum Prolapse in Small Ruminants: Retrospective Study of 24 Cases
    Chhavi Gupta, A.Ganesan, M.Murugan and R. Ramprabhu
    The Morphological Endogenous Development of Eimeriatenella Wild Strain in Primary and Secondary Infection in Chickens
    Muchammad Yunus and AgusWijaya
    Yea Sacc1026 on Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Rumen Liquor in Buffalo Calves During Summer Season
    Harjap Singh, Gurpreet Singh and Shashi Nayyar
    Chronic Feline Idiopathic Cystitis on Female Cat: A Case Report
    Tri Bhawono Dadi, Herinda Pertiwi, Dina D. Guntaran, Rizka Mulia Ananda and Ganang Pudyastungkara
    Dystocia Due to Perosomus Horridus Monster in a Malnadgidda Cow
    P.Mohan, Hanumantha Raju, S.Aditya and S.Manoharan
    Management of Dystocia due to Fetal Hydrocephalus in a Non-descript Doe
    K.P. Prabhakaran and S. Manokaran
    Tail Fibrosarcoma in Holstein Fressian Cow - A Case Report
    R.V. Suryawanshi, A.H. Ulemale and C.S. Mote
    Mixed Tumour of Ear Canal in a Great Dane - A Case Report
    R.V.Suryawanshi, M.B. Amle, C.S Mote, S.Mirajkar and N.Bajekal
    Perineal Urethrostomy for the Management of Urinary Incontinence Due to Hard Scrotal Swelling in a Tom Cat
    Anjan Kour, Arun Anand, SK Mahajan and Vandana Sangwan
    Surgical Correction of Acute Ileocolic Intussuception in a Labrador Retriever Puppy
    M. Bharathidasan, S.Kokila, D. Vishnugurubaran, A.R.Ninu, S.Dharmaceelan and R.Ramprabhu
    Total Uterine Prolapse Associated with Fetal Mummication in a Non-Descript Doe
    V.Varudharajan, M.Selvaraju, S. Prakash and K. Ravikumar
    End-threaded Intramedullary Pinning for the Stabilization of Supracondylar Femoral Fracture in Goats
    Ashwani Kumar, Arun Anand, Vandana Sangwan and Chandan Kumar Singh
    Multiple Coenurus Cysts in Kids – A Clinical Report
    A.R.Ninu, S. Dharmaceelan, D.Vishnugurubaran, S.Kokila, K.Dhandapani and T.Anna
    Surgical Repair of Crop Fistula in a Pigeon
    A.R.Ninu, S.Dharmaceelan, D.Vishnugurubaran, S.Kokila, and M.Bharathidasan
    Basal Cell Carcinoma in a Mecheri Sheep
    K.P.Prabhakaran, M.Mohanapriya, K.Ragavi, R.Madheswaran and G.A.Balasubramaniam
    A Rare Case of Bovine Harlequin Ichthyosis Fetalis in a Jersey Crossbred Cow
    M. Bharath, K. Sekar, I. Murugesan and M. Kathirvel
    Rhabdomyosarcoma in a Kadaknath Chicken
    M.S.Sreelakshmi, Mammen J.Abraham, N.D.Nair, B.Dhanush Krishna and B.Abeena
    Pathology of Intestinal Coccidiosis in a Kid
    M. Sasikala, J. Selvaraj, N. Babu prasath, R. Thangathurai and R. Ravikumar
    Incidence of Babesiosis in Non Descript and Crossbred Dairy Cattle in Kancheepuram District
    R. Durairajan and M. Murugan