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Evisceration of Gravid Ruptured Uterus and Fetus in a Cat and its Management

A.Methai, M.Shiju Simon and K.Krishnakumar

Veterinary University Peripheral Hospital, Directorate of Clinics, TANUVAS, Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai – 600051

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July 2020: 97 (7) - pages 45 to 46
(Received: October, 2019, Accepted: December, 2019)


A one and half year old pregnant female queen cat with 2 kg body weight was presented with the history of tear on the abdominal wall and partial protrusion of a dead fetus due to dog bite injury. Clinical examination of the cat revealed a complete tear of the abdominal muscle through which ruptured uterus was eviscerated along with protruded dead fetus. Emergency surgical procedure was done under general anesthesia using xylazine and ketamine. Four dead foetus were removed and ovario hysterectomy was performed consequently. The abdominal tear was sutured as per the standard procedure. The suture was removed after 10 days and the cat had an uneventful recovery

Key Words: Eviseration, uterus, fetus, cat, management

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