36/21 | Clinical & Field Article | Veterinary Pathology

Diagnosis of Ranikhet Disease – A Field Report

M. Jeevana Latha and M. K. Srikanth

Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Science, Mamnoor, PVNRTVU, Telangana-506166

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal September 2020 : 97 (09) - pages 38 to 40
(Received: April, 2021, Accepted: August, 2021)


In a farm of about 100 layer birds in Hyderabad, around 20 birds of 6 weeks age showed symptoms of Ranikhet Disease (RD) during winter season and post mortem was done on 6 dead birds. The post-mortem of these birds showed very typical lesions of RD like pin-point haemorrhages at the tip of the proventricular glands, haemorrhagic ulcers in the intestinal wall and caecal tonsils. The disease was diagnosed as Ranikhet disease by the typical lesions of RD which are explained in this article.

Key Words: Diagnosis, Field Report, Ranikhet disease

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