189/22 | Review Article | Animal Nutrition

Utilisation of Herbal Feed Additives in Animal Nutrition- A Review

Dilshad Kour, Divya Sharma, and Vijay Kumar Sharma

Animal Sciences, KVK Samba, SKUAST-Jammu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal October 2022 : 99 (10) - pages 16 to 21
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The world-wide employment of various plants and herbs throughout the historic times for therapeutic purposes and as flavoring agents has been well evidenced. In present time also, many communities residing at far flung and remote areas with negligible health facilities bank heavily upon various herbs and their mixtures known to have synergistic effect as therapeutic agents for human as well as animal population. Apart from this, raised consumer concerns over the use of antibiotics which produce microbial resistance and toxic effects has led to higher demands and pressure for producing non-toxic products free of any residual materials validated and authenticated by scientific studies. This review aims at delivering sufficient information regarding a number of herbs which can be used in animal production system and can act to promote growth, exhibit anti-bacterial activity, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-oxidant activity,stimulate immunity and enhance nutrient utilization efficiency and also in establishing the fact that they can be used as possible alternative sources for chemotherapeutics.

Key Words: Feed additives, Herbs, Immunity

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