Table Of Contents: October 2022 : 99 (10)

    Dryland Livestock Rearing Relies Heavily on Tree fodders: A Narrative Review
    Manuvanthra A, Deepak Chandran, Talha Bin Emran, Muhammad Aslam M K, Vishnu Savanth V, Manoj Kumar, Rohit Sharma, Luiz Everson da Silva, Pran M, Lishma N P and Sureshkumar R
    Utilisation of Herbal Feed Additives in Animal Nutrition- A Review
    Dilshad Kour, Divya Sharma, and Vijay Kumar Sharma
    Understanding the Distribution and Preponderance of Canine Distemper Virus Among Wild Animals in India
    Inderpal Kaur and Yashpal Singh Malik
    Prevalence of Ancylostomiasis in Dogs in and Around Bhubaneswar and Associated Health Effects
    Rojali Bhanjadeo, Patra, R. C., Senapati, S.K., Jena, G. R. and Meher Sudhamayee
    Effect of Adding Vitamin C and E on the Biochemical Characteristics of Local Iraqi Lambs
    Khalid Dfeek Ahmed
    Effect of Temperature and Salt on the Growth of Indigenous Lacticaseibacilusparacasei Strains Isolated from Household Curd
    Archana Chandran, Beena, A.K., Rejeesh, R. and Sudheer Babu, P
    Housing Management Practices of Buffaloes in Yanam Region of Puducherry
    K.Prasanthi, D. Sreekumar, V.Rajaganapathy, R.Ganesan and K.Natchimuthu
    Gross Post Mortem Findings in Sloth Bear Died Due to Electrocution
    Gajare, V.C. Bedarkar, S.N., and Gobade, R
    Honeybee venom as an Ecofriendly Alternative Treatment and its Effect on the Immune status of Broiler Chickens Exposed to Aflatoxin B1
    Abeer S. Hafez, Asmaa M. Badawy, Amr A.A.Metwally, and Rasha M.H. Sayed-ElAhl
    Evaluation of serum biochemical, plasma catecholamine and serum cortisol in Delman horses with mild colic after various NSAIDs drug administration: A comparative study
    Arya Pradana Wicaksono, Dodit Hendrawan, Muhammad Izzudin, Ali Ahmadi bin Ismail, Agus Purnomo, Shekhar Chhetri, and Muhammad Thohawi Elziyad Purnama
    Differential Diagnosis of Unusual Case of Type 4 abomasal ulcer in a Hariana bull – A case report
    Syed Ashaq Hussain, S.K. Uppal, S. Chhabra and N.K. Sood
    Piroplasmosis in a Domestic Cat - A Case Report
    Serinmary Pulikkottil Rejimon, Varsha Mary Mathai, Sherin B. Sarangom, Ajay Gopinath, C. S. Neethu and Seeja Sundaran