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Successful Management of Uterine Torsion Coupled with Caesarean in a Full-Term Pregnant Persian Cat

S. Rangasamy, R. Raja Lakshmi, U.S. Kalyaan, J. Uma Mageswari and K. Krishnakumar

Department of Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai-600 007, Tamil Nadu, India.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal September 2020 : 97 (09) - pages 22 to 24
(Received: December, 2020, Accepted: August, 2021)


A full term pregnant three-year-old Persian cat weighing 4.2 kg was presented to Small Animal Gynaecology & Obstetrical Unit, Madras Veterinary College Teaching Hospital, Chennai with the history of scanty, blood-tinged vaginal discharge, anorexia and dullness for a duration of 48 hours before presentation. Ultrasonography revealed both dead and live foetuses. Explorative coeliotomy revealed 180o left horn torsion at its base. Subsequent caesarean section was performed and two live foetuses were removed and saved. Animal had an uneventful recovery after five days under the treatment of single-dose antibiotic injection alone.

Key Words: Caesarean, Full-term, Persian cat, Uterine torsion.

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