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Crop Contents of an Amblyceran Menoponid, Menacanthus kalatitar (Phthiraptera : Insecta) Infesting Black Partridge, Francolinus francolinus

Surendra Kumar, Ghazi Khan and Aftab Ahmad

Department of Zoology, Government Raza Postgraduate College, Rampur - 244901, Uttar Pradesh

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal April 2019 : 96 (4) - pages 81 to 83
(Received: July, 2018, Accepted: September, 2018)


Sixty eight per cent of the specimens (different stages of life cycle) of the amblyceran louse, Menacanthus kalatitar Ansari infesting black partridge (Francolinus francolinus) contained red content (apparently compatible to host blood) in their crops, along with feather barbules. Percentage of red content bearing adults (75.7%) was comparatively higher than three nymphal instars (60%). SEM studies on ventral side of head of louse indicated the presence of well developed postpalpal spine, which might be used for the accomplishment of haematophagy.

Key Words: Amblycera, Haematophagy, Menacanthus, Phthiraptera

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