Table Of Contents: April 2019 : 96 (4)

    Serological Diagnosis of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in Commercial Meat Type Chickens
    I.Poorna Chandhar, Madhu Swamy, Yamini Verma and Amita Dubey
    Increasing the Carcasse Quality of Broilers by Feeding Citric Acid and Dextrose in Drinking Water
    Sunaryo Hadi Warsito, Sri Hidanah, Suryo Kuncorojakti, Mirni Lamid, Herry Agoes Hermadi, M. Anam Al-Arif and Emy Koestanti, S.
    Palmitic Acid Supplementation in Tris Extender Can Improve the Freezability of Buffalo Bull Semen
    A.K. Singh, H. Kaur, R.S. Cheema, A. Kumar, M. Honparkhe and Prahlad Singh
    In vitro Acaricidal Effect of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Nicotiana tabacum on Brown Dog Tick, Rhipicephalus sanguineus
    N. Jeyathilakan, S.T. Bino Sundar, A. Sangaran and Bhaskaran Ravi Latha
    Morphological and Molecular Identification of Selected Coleoptera from Sakaka, Aljouf, North-Western Saudi Arabia: Comparative study
    A.M.Seufi, Abdulsalam A. Alkhaldi and F.H.Galal
    Comparative Study on Haemato-Biochemical Parameters with Acrylic Versus Epoxy Connecting Bars in External Fixation of Goats
    Sandeep Nagar, Randhir Singh, Apra Shahi, Shobha Jawre, Babita Das and Rajesh Vandre
    Tannin Supplementation can Replace Antibiotic with no Change in Body weight and Body Weight Gain of Broilers in Environmentally Controlled Housing System
    R. Prabhavathi, M. Moorthy, K. Rajendran and P. Visha
    Somatic Cells Acceleration by Platelet Rich Fibrin
    Alexander Patera Nugraha, Ida Bagus Narmada, Diah Savitri Ernawati, Aristika Dinaryanti, Helen Susilowati, Eryk Hendrianto, Igo Syaiful Ihsan, Wibi Riawan and Fedik Abdul Rantam
    Organic Zinc Improve Growth Performance in Crossbred Chicken During Chick Phase
    D. Anitha, K. Rajendran, M. Moorthy and P. Vasan
    Evaluation of Chemical Parameters of Drinking Water for Livestock
    N.Kumaravelu, Thanga. Thamil Vanan, S.Saraswathi and D.Divyalakshmi
    Relationship of Management Systems of Veterinaries with Patterns of Disease Services
    Miyayu Soneta Sofyan, Romziah Sidik, Kusnoto Supranianondo, Mohammad Sukmanadi and Ira Sari Yudaniayanti
    Training Needs of Dog Owners about Rearing Practices in Punjab
    Yerramareddy Roopa, Rajesh Kasrija, H.K Verma and Parminder Singh
    Biochemical and Functional Parameters of Freezable and Non-Freezable Ejaculates of Bull Semen and their Correlation
    Shriya Gupta and Madhumeet Singh
    Incidence of Canine Mammary Tumours in Chennai
    R.Ramesh, C.Theophilus Anand Kumar, C.Balachandran, M.Thangapandiyan and M.Shafiuzama
    Endometrial Healing and Recovery Rate Assessment with Bacterial Collagenase Therapy in Retained Fetal Membrane Cows
    P.Mohan, K.Krishnakumar, K.Kulasekar, S.M.K.Karthickeyan and M.Murugan
    Management of Dystocia Due to Incomplete Cervical Dilatation by Cervicotomy in a Gir Cow with Recurrent Cervico Vaginal Prolapse
    S.Rangasamy, R.Suresh Kumar, G.Monica, M.Sameer Ali, D.Gopikrishnan, J.Umamageswari and K.Logapriya
    Mite Infestation in Rabbits and its Control- A case report
    S.Ramesh, R.Sokkalingam, C.Soundararajan, S.Subapriya and S.Muthukrishnan
    Mite Induced Otitis in Persian Cats - A Case Report
    S. Ramesh, R. Sokkalingam, C. Soundararajan, S. Subapriya and S. Muthukrishnan
    Congenitally Fused Labia Vulva and Vulvoplasty in a Jersey Crossbred Heifer
    S. Raja, V. Prabaharan, M. Palanisamy, AR. Abbas, R. Rajkumar and P. Jayaganthan
    Prepubic Desmorrhexis in Hydrallantois Due to Adventitious Placentation in a Crossbred Heifer
    S. Raja, M. Palanisamy, V. Prabaharan, R. Rajkumar and P. Jayaganthan
    Gastric Myiasis by Oestrus Ovis Larvae in a Sirohi Goat: A Case Report
    Kamal Purohit, Goverdhan Singh, Sanweer Khatoon, Anita Rathore, Sudeep Solanki, Naresh Singh Kuntal and Ajay Kumar
    Surgical Management of Intercostal Abomasocele in a Lamb – A Case Report
    S.Dharmaceelan, A.R.Ninu, S.Kokila, D.Vishnugurubaran and M.Bharathidasan
    A Rare Case of Complete Duodenal Obstruction Due to Intra-Luminal Adhesion and Scar Tissue Formation and its Successful Surgical Reconstruction in a Cat
    M. Madeena Begum, V. Bhuvaneshwari and S. Tina Roshini
    Salivary Gland Adenoma and its Successful Surgical Excision in a Dog
    M. Madeena Begum, V. Bhuvaneshwari and S. Tina Roshini
    Influence of Gender and Reproduction Status on the Prevalence of Canine Mammary Tumours
    R.Ramesh, C.Theophilus Anand Kumar, C.Balachandran, M.Thangapandiyan and M.Shafiuzama
    Volvulus in a Pigeon (Columba livia)
    C. Theophilus Anand Kumar, K. Senthilkumar, R. Mahaprabhu, M. Latha Mala Priyadharshini and M.G.Jayathangaraj
    Gland Wise Incidence of Canine Mammary Tumours
    R.Ramesh, C.Theophilus Anand Kumar, C.Balachandran and M.Shafiuzama
    Endo parasitic Infection in a Captive Reticulated Python (Malayopython reticulatus) : a Case Report
    S.Ramesh, K.Senthil Kumar, C.Soundararajan, Ruchika Lakshmanan, S.Subapriya and M.G.Jayathangaraj
    Crop Contents of an Amblyceran Menoponid, Menacanthus kalatitar (Phthiraptera : Insecta) Infesting Black Partridge, Francolinus francolinus
    Surendra Kumar, Ghazi Khan and Aftab Ahmad
    Impact of Fenugreek, Garlic and Black Pepper Powder on Total Bacterial and Escherichia Coli Count in Intestinal Contents of Broilers
    K. Kanagaraj and M. Senthilkumar
    Cestodiosis in an Indian Pitta (Pitta brachyura): A Case Report
    S. Ramesh, C. Soundararajan, K. Vijayarani, R. Sokkalingam, S. Muthukrishnan, S. Subapriya and M.G. Jayathangaraj