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Tail Fibrosarcoma in Holstein Fressian Cow - A Case Report

R.V. Suryawanshi, A.H. Ulemale and C.S. Mote

Department of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology, KNP College of Veterinary Science, Shirwal-412801, District-Satara, Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal August 2019 : 96 (8) - pages 58 to 59
(Received: September, 2018, Accepted: March, 2019)


A 7 year old Holstein Fressian cow brought to teaching veterinary clinical complex with tumour at base of tail that was growing since one year. Clinically cow showed frequent straining while defecation and urination, reduced appetite and generalized dullness with normal haematological ndings. The tumor was excised under epidural analgesia. Histopathologically, presence of brous connective tissue of spindle and stellate shaped cells indicated brosarcoma.

Key Words: Epidural analgesia, Holstein Fressian, tail, tumour

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