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Repellent Activity of Phyto additive Combinations on Musca domestica in Poultry Farm


Veterinary University Training and Research centre, 306, Sathy Road, Veerappan Chatram, Erode, Tamil Nadu - 638004

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July 2020: 97 (7) - pages 23 to 25
(Received: April, 2020, Accepted: June, 2020)


A study was conducted to find the possible phytoadditive combinations that can be successfully used to eliminate the house flies in commercial layer sheds. Four different fly traps were designed for this study. The control fly trap (T1) was deviced with Rice bran (80%), Jaggery (10%), Eucalyptus oil (20ml), The next trap (T2) included, Control + 10% Tobacco powder (Nicotiana tabacum), Followed by (T3) Control + 10% Sweet flag powder (Acorus calamus) and the last trap (T4) included Control + 10% Custard apple seed powder (Annona squamosa). These traps were kept five feet away at ground level outside the layer shed. At the end of the each day, number of trapped house fly were assessed qualitatively. No significant difference was observed in control trap device. The significant difference had observed in T3. Better results were seen in T4 when compared to T2.

Key Words: Phytoadditives, house fly, Sweet flag, Tobacco, Custard apple

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