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Impact of Fenugreek, Garlic and Black Pepper Powder on Total Bacterial and Escherichia Coli Count in Intestinal Contents of Broilers

K. Kanagaraj and M. Senthilkumar

Department of Microbiology, Research & Development Centre, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore – 641 046. Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal April 2019 : 96 (4) - pages 83 to 85
(Received: October, 2018, Accepted: December, 2018)


This experiment was conducted at a private broiler farm located at Perundurai, Erode district, Tamil Nadu. A total of 224 day-old cobb-400 broiler chicks were randomly divided into seven groups with four replicates of 8 chicks each and reared up to 6 weeks. The control group were fed the normal basal diet. The treatment group were fed the graded doses of fenugreek (6g/Kg, 12g/Kg), garlic (6g/Kg, 12g/Kg) and black pepper powder (6g/Kg, 12g/Kg) along with basal diet. Significant differences were found in (P<0.05) in total bacterial and Escherichia coli count of intestinal content of broiler belongs to garlic powder incorporated group than control, fenugreek and black pepper powder incorporated group. The high inclusion level of garlic (12 g/Kg) was responsible for reduced the total bacterial and Escherichia coli count.

Key Words: Fenugreek, Garlic, Black pepper, Intestinal bacterial count, broiler

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