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Gland Wise Incidence of Canine Mammary Tumours

R.Ramesh, C.Theophilus Anand Kumar, C.Balachandran and M.Shafiuzama

Department of Veterinary Pathology, Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai-600007, Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal April 2019 : 96 (4) - pages 77 to 79
(Received: November, 2018, Accepted: December, 2018)


In this study carried at Chennai, out of 80 dogs affected with canine mammary tumours, 109 glands (104 female, 5 male) showed palpable tumour masses, of which 56 (54 female, 2 male) involved the right and 53 (50 female, 3 male) involved the left chains of the mammary glands. Posterior pairs of mammary glands were commonly affected with an incidence in inguinal 46 and caudal abdominal 45. 56 (51 female, 5 male) had single gland involvement and 24 females dogs had multiple glands involvement; of which two, three and four gland involvement were 20, 3 and 1, respectively.

Key Words: Canine mammary tumour, incidence, glands.

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