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Effect of Halal Slaughtering to Total Plate Count Values on Beef Meat in Ten City Slaughterhouses East Java Province, Indonesia

Dhandy Koesoemo Wardhana, Diyantoro, Koesnoto Soepranianondo and Budiarto

Halal Research Center Universitas Airlangga, Gedung Kahuripan 203, Kampus C Unair, Mulyorejo, Surabaya City, East Java 60115

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal August 2019 : 96 (8) - pages 35 to 37
(Received: February, 2019, Accepted: April, 2019)


This study was aimed to know the effect of halal slaughtering on total plate count value of beef meat in ten city slaughter houses of East Java Province. The data was obtained using direct observation and structured questionnaires, for total plate count (TPC) using 60 samples of beef meat from ten selected slaughter houses in the cities of East Java Province. The results showed that halal meat slaughtering activity included in the very good category and mean values of TPC were lower than standard limit. It was concluded that halal slaughtering activity can minimize contamination of microbial contamination in beef meat.

Key Words: halal slaughtering, total plate count, beef.

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