Table Of Contents: June 2019 : 96 (6)

    Clonogenic Assessment on Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    A.MangalaGowri, S. Priya and K. Kaviyarasi
    Non Reversal of Virulence of Live Attenuated Classical Swine Fever Virus During Back Passages in Natural Host
    R.Akshaya, K. Kumanan, K.Vijayarani, A. Ramesh and G. Dhinakar Raj
    Radiation Safety of Horse Meat and Mares Milk, Obtained from Horses Grown in Radiation Risk Zones Semey Nuclear Test Site
    NailyaBekturova, SeitBabaliev, SergazyDyussembaev, KuantarAlikhanov, AbzalAbdramanov and ShyngysSuleimenov
    Effect of Feeding Different Combinations of Urea Treated Sugarcane Top Silage on Milk Yield and its Composition in Murrah Buffaloes
    P.A. Bodare, A.V. Khanvilkar, S.M. Bhalerao, S.T. Hande, A.Y. Doiphode and K.T. Mule
    Cellulose Based Surgical Threads from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches in Wound Healing on Male Wistar Rats
    Muchammad Yunus, Farah Fahma, Zaenal Abidin, Deni Noviana, Rino R. Mukti and Ahmad Kusumaatmaja
    Conium Maculatum as a Homeopathic Medicine in Canine Distemper Infected Dogs
    V. Naveenkumar, M. Vijaya Bharathi and B. Nagarajan
    Evaluation Acute and Subacute Oral Toxicity of Immunoglobulin Y Anti Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Wistar Rats
    G. Wardani, K. Eraiko, Koerniasari and S.A. Sudjarwo
    Antigenic Pro le of Excretory / Secretory Antigens of Immature Paramphistomes
    R. Vijayashanthi, C. Soundararajan, M. Raman and T.M.A. Senthil Kumar
    Surgical Management of Gastric Rupture in a Chippiparai Dog : A Case Report
    M. Bharathidasan, D.Vishnugurubaran, S.Dharmaceelan and R.Ramprabhu
    Replacement of Maize with Soybean Hulls in Concentrate Mixture on Performance of Growing Goats
    A.B. Jadhao, S. M. Bhalerao, A.V. Khanvilkar, V.R. Patodkar and A.Y. Doiphode
    Multivalent Dengue Vaccines and its Cellular Immune Response in New Zealand White Rabbit
    LitaRakhma Yustinasari, Rahayu Ernawati, Fedik Abdul Rantam and Agus Widodo
    A Report on Intoxication Due to Ingestion of Shoots of Mimosa Invisa in Six Cattle and Two Goats
    K. Mohanambal, P. A. Ammu, G. Vijayakumar1, S. Sivaraman and B. Sudakara Reddy
    Lysin Administration on Histiocytoma Sur gical Therapy on a Cat: A Case Study
    Tri Bhawono Dadi, Herinda Pertiwi, Budi Setiawan, Lita Rakhma Yustinasari, Rachmad Yusuf Wiranata and Novia Intan Kurnia
    “Moringa Oleifera” Leaf Meal Supplementation on the Performance of Growing Sheep
    M.H. Redekar, S.M. Bhalerao, A.V. Khanvilkar, V.R. Patodkar and A.Y. Doiphode
    Postpartum Infections with Reproductive Performance of Holstein Friesian Dairy Cow in the Partnership Farms
    Nuzul Alya, Poedji Hastutiek and Diyantoro
    Surgical Management of Benign Articular Cyst on Leg in a Free Range Indian Black Kite (Milvus Migrans)
    Kiran Bendale, Saral Desai, Poonam Gera, Asawari Patil and Pradip Chaudhari
    New Vaccination Schedule for Canine Parvovirus Infection
    V. Naveenkumar, M. Vijaya Bharathi, K. Porteen, G. Selvaraju, K. Vijayarani and B. Nagarajan
    Panmetritis, Endometrial Hyperplasia and Uterine Serosal Inclusion Cyst in a Bitch – A Case Report
    V.P.Athira, Sudheesh, S. Nair., S.Anoop, Soumya, Ramankutty, and C.B.Devanand
    Irreducible Vaginal Prolapse with Concurrent Unilateral Gravid Uterine Horn and its Successful Surgical Management in a Dog
    Vandana Sangwan, Ashwani Kumar, Shashi Kant Mahajan and Sumit Singhal
    Management of Fetal Maceration in a 2 Year Old Toy Poodle
    M. Madeena Begum, S. Tina Roshini and V. Bhuvaneshwari
    Progressive Leg Paralysis and Lingering Death of Squabs Due to Mixed Parasitic Infestation
    G.Dhanasree, Arun George and Usha Narayana Pillai
    Surgical Management of Phytobezoars Induced Ruminal, Reticular and Abomasal Impaction in a Pregnant Cow
    R. Uma Rani and M.Madhan Mohan
    Strangulated Foreign Body in Dogs – A Review of Three Cases
    M.Shiju Simon and N. Pazhanivel
    Multi Centric Lymphoma in a Basset Hound
    M.Chandrasekar, D.Sumathi, M.B.Thilagar, K.G.Tirumurugaan, S.Vairamuthu and M.G.Jayathangaraj
    Per Vaginal Delivery of a Conjoinedthoracopagus Female Twin Monster in Murrah Buffalo
    Shivkumar, M.R.Muddarangaiah, Ankit Kumar Ahuja and Ajeet Kumar
    Mange Infestation in Rabbits with Acorus Calamus Based Preparation
    D.Divyalakshmi, N. Kumaravelu and P.Tensingh Gnanaraj
    Effect of Thermal Conditioning on Physiological Response of Native Chicken
    A.Varun, A.V. Omprakash, K. Kumanan, S. Vairamuthu and N. Karthikeyan
    Phyllanthusniruri Linn Extract As Antibiotic Growth Promoter (AGP) in Layer Chicken Infected by Escherichia coli
    Sri Hidanah, Emy K.Sabdoningrum, M.A. Al Arif, Rivienda S.Ratibawan and Erma Safitri
    Prevalence of Ovine Paramphistomes in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    R.Vijayashanthi and C.Soundararajan
    Anthelmintic Efcacy of Injectable Ivermectin against Strongyles of Goat in an Organized Farm
    M.K.Vijayasarathi and A. Meenakshisundaram
    Canine Distemper Carrier Status in a dog – A Case Report
    V. Naveenkumar, M. Vijaya Bharathi and B. Nagarajan