Table Of Contents: January 2023 : 100 (1)

    Plasma trace mineral profiling viz-a-viz estrus induction using mineral supplementation in post-partum anestrous crossbred cow of the Kashmir valley
    GhRasool Bhat, Sabia Akhter, Mohd Iqbal Yatoo, FaroozAhmad Lone and Jalal U Din Parrah
    Study on Juvenile Growth Performance of Non-Descript Country Chicken Under Intensive System of Management in Puducherry
    Binuni Rebez E , Hemavathi A and Venugopal S
    Efficacy of Vitamin C and E on the Level of Antioxidative Stress and Steroid Hormones in Albino Rats with Environmental Stress
    Winda Kusuma Dewi, Faisal Fikri, Agus Purnomo, Shekhar Chhetri, Salipudin Tasil Maslamama, and Muhammad Thohawi Elziyad Purnama
    Effect of Tolfenamic Acid on Conception Rate Following Embryo Transfer in Cattle
    Mayank Maithani, Shiv Prasad, Sunil Kumar, and Ankit Malik
    Occurrence and Pathological Observations of Avian Gout in Kerala
    Dhanush Krishna, B., Jessil Joseph., Sajitha, I.S., Devi, S.S. and K.S. Prasanna
    Importance of Aflatoxins in Animal Feed
    Kasturi Devi Kondampati and Beesam Srinu
    Successful Management of Arthrogryposis and Brachygnathic Buffalo Calf Through Pervaginal Delivery- A Case Report
    Deepak, Hanuman Prasad Yadav, and Umed Singh
    Juvenile Cellulitis in a Pup and its Management – A Case Report
    G.E. Georgen, and S.G. Sangeetha
    Management of Prepartum Vagino-Cervical Prolapse in a Crossbred Heifer: A Case Report
    Hanuman Prasad Yadav, Umesh Kumar, Anad Kumar and Sushma L. Baxla