Table Of Contents: March 2021 : 98 (3)

    Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Garlic and Onion on Production Performance and Meat Composition of Broiler Chickens
    Aziz Ur Rahman Khalid, ZainullahHemat, Khalid Basharmal and MumtazIbrahimi
    Molecular Epidemiology of Canine Parvovirus (CPV 2) in Dogs in and around Kolkata and Comparison between Field Isolate and Vaccinal Strain
    Subhankar Baidya, Partha Sarathi Jana, Chanchal Guha, Ujjwal Biswas and Indranil Samanta
    A Study on Biofilm Forming Ability of Coagulase Negative, Multidrug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated from Bovine Mastitis Cases in Bengaluru, India
    K.Dhanya and M.D.Akshatha
    Successful Management of Lacerated Wound Using Alginate Sheet Dressing in a Non-Descript Dog
    B.Gowrishankar, M.Gokulakrishnan, R.Sivashankar and K.Nagarajan
    A Rare Case Report of Rabies in a Mule
    Aneesh and Raimon Mathew