Table Of Contents: September 2021 : 98 (9)

    Hemorrhagic Septicemia- A Challenge for Field Veterinarians
    R.C. Ghosh, D.K. Giri and P. Gumasta
    Controlling Avian Influenza Viruses: Challenges for Veterinary Professionals
    Rokshana Parvin
    Avian Mycoplasmosis: An Emerging Challenge
    D. Niyogi
    Bovine Mastitis: Special Emphasis on Advances in the Diagnostic Techniques
    Neelesh Sharma and Savleen Kour
    Detection of Sub-clinical Hemoprotozoan Diseases in Farm Animals Through Urinary Proteomics and Metabolomics Approach
    Subhasis Batabyal, Mayukh Ghosh and Rajesh Kumar