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Pathology of Rare Mixed Infection of Tetrameres spp and Eimeria tenella in Desi Chicken in Maharashtra State

Vitthal Dhaygude, Bhupesh Kamdi, Divya Sabharwal, Shruti Mehendale, Mugdha Jog, Dixit Kumar Dhankar and Prashant Pawar

Department of Veterinary Pathology, Krantisinh Nana Patil College of Veterinary Science, Shirwal (MAFSU, Nagpur), Maharashtra, India

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal January 2021 : 98 (1) - pages 28 to 31
(Received: August, 2021, Accepted: January, 2022)


Based on characteristic gross and histopathological lesions, parasite morphology and faecal sample examination, mixed infection of Tetramers spp. and Eimeria tenella was diagnosed in desi chicken flock in Shirwal, Maharashtra State, India. The genus Tetrameres (Spiruridae worm) consists of parasitic round worms which infect various poultry species including chickens. In the gut, adult worms get embedded in proventicular mucosa and cause inflammation, atrophy of mucosal glands and accumulation of undigested feed material. Affected birds show inappetance, weight loss, anemia and green feces, due to presence of excess bile. Caecal coccidiosis on the other hand usually causes hemorrhagic typhlitis and death.The Tetrameres spp has been documented only once in the Maharashtra State of India previously. The mixed infection of Eimeria tenella and Tetrameres spp and pathology associated with them has not been described. In this context, this report on mixed infection of rare Tetramers spp and Eimeria tenella shall add to knowledge of epidemiology and help in planning appropriate preventive and control measures.

Key Words: Tetrameres spp, Eimeria tenella, desi chicken, Maharashtra

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