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Bovine Mastitis, a Multifactorial Disease, Requires a Multipronged Approach for Cattle Health Management

Kiran Ambatipudi

Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, India

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal August 2021 : 98 (8) - pages 27 to 29
(Received: , Accepted: )


Bovine mastitis is one of the most lethal infectious disease causing severe economic consequences to farmers and dairy industry. Clinical Mastitis(CM) can be identified with the symptoms whereas Subclinical Mastitis(SCM) is asymptomatic, critical to detect at early stages is a challenge for dairy health care today. Both CM and SCM causes substantial economic loss, another concern is the transient zoonotic spread from bovine to humans. The menace of SCM and CM as a zoonotic concern can be tackled through implementation of collaborative approach between producers, veterinarians, human and environmental professionals at different horizons by the concept of“ One Health”. This collaborative, multifactorial technological inovations will aid to detect potential health treats and prevents the zoonotic transmission caused by mastitis.

Key Words: Mastitis, Bovine, Subclinical, Zoonotic, One Health

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