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Chemical Composition of Maggot, Fermented and Commercial Feed-fermented Maggot Meals

Muhammad Browijoyo Santanumurti, Syifania Hanifah Samara, Daruti Dinda Nindarwi, Lailatur Rubi’ah, Nur Wantika, Budiana, Rusdiatin, Yuli Tya Nila, Ekka Suryani, Nada Dzatalini, Mohammad Anam Al-Arif,

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya 60115, Indonesia

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal February 2020: 97 (2) - pages 43 to 45
(Received: September, 2019, Accepted: October, 2019)


This research was conducted to compare the proximate analysis and energy content between maggot were fermented and commercial feed fermented maggot meals. The treatment used 100% commercial feed, (P1) 88% commercial feed + fermented maggot  our 12%, (P2) 86% commercial feed + 14% fermented maggot  our, (P3) commercial feed 84% + fermented maggot our 16%, (P4) and commercial feed 82% + fermented maggot  our 18% (P5). Results showed that fermented maggot could be used as an alternative feed for animals and can be incorporated in commercial feed

Key Words: Maggot, Fermentation, Proximate Analysis

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