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Management of Cutaneous Papilloma in a Labrador Dog – A Case Report

D.Sumathi, P.Ramesh, N.Pazhanivel, M.Sandya Bhavani, K.Amirinder Singh and M.G.Jayathangaraj

Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai 600 007, Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal December 2019 : 96 (12) - pages 42 to 43
(Received: March, 2019, Accepted: August, 2019)


A three year old male Labrador retriever dog was presented to the Dermatology unit, MVC, Chennai, with signs alopecia, pruritus and multiple cauliower like growth on face, extremities, periocular areas, ears and tail region for the past one month. Hematology and serum biochemistry showed no abnormal ndings, skin scrapping was not informative. Skin biopsy performed from cutaneous lesions and subjected to histopathology conrmed growth lesions as a cutaneous papilloma and mild sebaceous gland hyperplasia. Dog was treated with Thuja ointment topically, and thuja oral drops, Immunol® syrup and supportive medication. Regression of skin lesions was observed after 20 days of therapy.

Key Words: Cutaneous Papilloma, Labrador Dog

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