35/23 | Clinical & Field Article | Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Successful Management of Prepartum Vaginal Prolapse in Crossbreed Hf Cattle

Zeenath Fathima, Shaik Aamer, Satish Martha, M.Rajashri, and E.Sunil Anand Kumar

Department of Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics, College of Veterinary science, P.V.Narsimha Rao Telangana Veterinary University, Mamnoor, Warangal-506166.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal June 2023 : 100 (06) - pages 36 to 38
(Received: , Accepted: )


A pleuriparous crossbreed HF cow was presented with the history of vaginal prolapse during last trimester of pregnancy. Successful management of prepartum vaginal prolapse using rope truss technique and Buhner’s sutures was reported.

Key Words: Crossbreed cow, Vaginal prolapse, recurrent, Rope truss, Buhner’ssutures

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