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Case Studies on Mastitis Metritis Agalactia: A Challenge to Swine Breeders

P.Ganapathi, A.Paramasivam, R.Subash and N.Kumaravelu

Bargur Cattle Research Station, Bargur 638501, Erode District, Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal January 2020: 97 (1) - pages 64 to 65
(Received: August, 2019, Accepted: December, 2019)


Success of swine industry is mainly based on weaning of healthy piglets after farrowing. Mastitis-Metritis-Agalactia syndrome is one of the main reason to cause morbidity and mortality in the young piglets before one week old. This syndrome often developed due to bacterial infection in the urogenital tract at the time of farrowing. The MMA complex syndrome reduces the milk production in the farrowing sows. The present study was conducted in an organised swine breeding farm located in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu. For this study, six sows in 3rd to 5th litters affected with MMA complex over 3 years of period were taken into account. In present study, cases of the MMA complex were conformed based on the initial mucopurulent foul-smelling discharge from the urogenital tract, off feed and the reduced piglet activity. All the affected animals were treated with injection of Ceftriaxone 3 grams, Meloxicam 20 ml and Chlorpheniramine maleate 10 ml at 12 hours interval. For improving the milk production, every day 4 boluses of Increlac were also given orally along with the feed. All the six cases were successfully recovered from the syndrome and weaned the healthy piglets

Key Words: Mastitis-Metritis-Agalactia, Sows

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