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Stump Pyometra with Consequent Urinary Obstruction and Transmissible Venereal Tumor in a Dog

Shahna Fathima, Deepu Philip Mathew and Sajin Mathew

Veterinary Polyclinic, Chenganoor, Kerala- 689121, India

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal December 2020 : 97 (12) - pages 46 to 48
(Received: July, 2021, Accepted: December, 2021)


A 4-year old spayed bitch was presented with sanguineous vaginal discharge since a month and with a distended abdomen. The animal was anorexic and had not urinated for the last 3 days. On detailed examination using imaging techniques, the case was tentatively diagnosed as stump pyometra. The neck of bladder was obstructed by a pus-filled stump causing urinary obstruction and the sanguineous discharge was due to Transmissible Venereal Tumour (TVT) on the floor of vagina. Medical management followed by surgical intervention was adopted for the treatment of the condition. Chemotherapy was opted as treatment for TVT. Following bladder catheterization, and draining of pus, the animal started food intake. There was complete regression of the tumour following chemotherapy. Removal of the stump and ovaries were done to prevent recurrence.

Key Words: Stump pyometra, Transmissible venereal tumour.

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