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Lesion Assessment of Poultry Autopsies - Descriptive and Diagnostic Analysis

Saber Beghoul, Katiba Beroual and Mohamed Cherif Abdeldjelil

PADESCA Laboratory, Veterinary Institute, University of Constantine 1, Algeria

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal January 2022 : 99 (1) - pages 29 to 32
(Received: , Accepted: )


The study involve analysis of 723 poultry autopsies in order to establish a lesion repertoire of macroscopic anomalies for diagnostic assistance in avian pathology. The autopsied chickens were taken directly from broiler and layer chicken farms in eastern Algeria. All the information and observations were recorded as we worked on the animal, recording the memorabilia, the symptoms observed, the treatments and the macroscopic lesions observed in the various organs. The results of the autopsies, showed us that 76 cases had macroscopic lesions in the different systems and organs (10.51%). The liver lesions account for about one third of the total number of cases studied while nerve and kidney lesions do not exceed 6.66 %.

Key Words: autopsy, lesions, poultry, assessment.

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