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Detection of Urinary Tract Lesions of Buffalos at Mosul city

Karam H.Al-Mallah, Osama M Al-Iraqi and Mohammed G.Saeed

College of Veterinary medicine, Mosul, Iraq

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal August 2022: 99 (8) - pages 43 to 49
(Received: , Accepted: )


The study included collection of 21 complete urinary systems from slaughtered local breed buffaloes at slaughter house of Mosul, Iraq for assessing the integrity of urinary tract components and detecting any pathological changes they may contain. Each sample contained both kidneys, ureters and urinary bladder. The collection was performed randomly from both genders of animals and from ages ranging from 1-7 years old extending from April 2013 to February 2014. Histopathological examination revealed multiple forms of inflammations in kidneys as focal interstitial nephritis, glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis. In ureters, lesions of chronic ureteritis were found but the most frequent inflammation was the acute cystitis with incidence rate of 33.33% of collected samples. Circulatory disturbances were noticed in all of the examined organs and highest occurrence was hyperemia of urinary bladder at 38.09% of collected samples. Other pathological changes included adaptations, renal cyst formation, fibrosis, degenerations, necrosis and calcification of variable incidences in examined organs. An isolated case of leiomyoma in ureter was noted. There were no obvious correlations between urinary tract lesions and both of age and sex recorded in the present study. The study concluded that multiple causative agents affected the urinary system of buffaloes in Mosul city.

Key Words: Buffaloes, lesions, Urinary tract

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