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Intralipids for the Management of Ivermectin Toxicity in a Dog

M.Shiju Simon, A Methai, N. Pazhanivel and K. Krishnakumar

Veterinary University Periheral Hospital, Madhavaram Milk Colony, TANUVAS, Chennai - 600 051, Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal November 2019 : 96 (11) - pages 68 to 69
(Received: May, 2019, Accepted: August, 2019)


A seven years old spitz cross bred intact female dog weighing 7.8 kg was presented with the history of apparent blindness after being exposed to ivermectin 10 mg tablet previous day. Opthalmic examination revealed negative menace response, pupillary light and dazzle re ex on both the eyes. Fundic examination revealed small areas of linear retinol edema. The animal was administered with 50 ml of 20 per cent intralipid intravenously. Two-and-half hours after the administration of intralipid the animal slowly regains the pupillary light re ex. The animal regains its normal menace and papillary light re ex after 12 hours

Key Words: Dog, ivermectin toxicity, blindness, intralipids

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