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Micro Anatomical Studies on the Moderator Band of Spotted Deer (Axis axis)

O.R.Sathyamoorthy, S.Ushakumary and M.Thangapandian

Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai 600 007, Tamil Nadu.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal November 2019 : 96 (11) - pages 55 to 57
(Received: May, 2019, Accepted: July, 2019)


The moderator bands of the spotted deer consisted of an outer endocardial covering, ordinary myocardial bres, Purkinje bres, blood vessels and nerve  bres. The endocardium was thick dorsally and thin laterally and ventrally. The Purkinje bres were large, round or polygonal cells present as a large group below the subendocardium or within the myocardium. The central core of the moderator band was formed by myocardium

Key Words: Moderator band, Purkinje bres, Endocardium, Myocardium

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