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Mammary Gland Adenocarcinoma in a Ten Year Old Labrador Retriever

M. Madeena Begum, S.Tina Roshini and V. Bhuvaneshwari

Heart2heart Veterinary Hospital, No.3, Leith Castle Center Street, Santhome, Chennai-600028, Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal May 2019 : 96 (5) - pages 70 to 71
(Received: October, 2018, Accepted: December, 2018)


A ten year old intact female Labrador retriever dog was brought to the hospital, for huge mass in the abdomen. Physical examination revealed hard, painless, football sized mass in the right caudal abdomen. The condition was tentatively diagnosed as mammary tumour based on the Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC). Pre-operative blood collected for haematobiochemical analysis and thoracic radiograph was taken to rule out metastasis. Surgery was xed and a complete mastectomy was done. Histopathological analysis of the sample collected from the excised mass, conrmed the tumour as mammary gland adenocarcinoma. Post-operative care with antibiotic, analgesic and wound dressing continued for nine days. The sutures were removed on 9th post-operative day and the animal made an uneventful recovery.

Key Words: Adenocarcinoma, Mastectomy, Dog.

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