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Surgical Management of Abomasal Rupture Due To Umbilical Hernia in a 4 Month Calf

M. Madeena Begum, M. Balagangatharathilagar, N. Krishnaveni, A.E. Aiswaryaa and E. Kalaiselvan

Veterinary Clinical Complex, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Tirunelveli - 627538. TANUVAS, Tamil Nadu.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal May 2023 : 100 (5) - pages 40 to 42
(Received: , Accepted: )


Umbilical hernia or omphalocele or exomphalos is the protrusion of abdominal content into the hernial sac at region of umbilicus with intact skin. It occurs mainly due to failure of closure of umbilical ring at birth. It is the most common form of congenital hernia reported in calves.

Key Words: Abomasal, Rupture, Umbilical Hernia, calf.

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