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Therapeutic Management of Ascites in a Naked Neck Fowl Using Abdominocentesis

B. Nishanth, M. Palanivelrajan, S. Subapriya and N.V. Rajesh

Department of Wildlife Science, Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai - 600007

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July 2022 : 99 (7) - pages 82 to 84
(Received: , Accepted: )


Chickens fed on high protein diet are usually susceptible to ascites because of low metabolic rate and the pathological condition is encountered more in broilers. A desi chicken was presented to the avian and exotic pet unit of Madras Veterinary College Teaching Hospital with ballooning of the abdomen. Physical examination revealed signs of dyspnoea, soiling of vent feathers and passing watery droppings. On palpation, watery contents could be felt and the bird was not able to stand because of the abdominal swelling. Based on the clinical signs and history, the condition was diagnosed as a case of chronic ascites. The fluid was aspirated using a minimal invasive procedure and the bird was treated with antibiotics following which the bird recovered successfully.

Key Words: ascites, needle aspiration, diagnosis, therapeutic management

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