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Prevalence, Diagnosis and Therapeutic Management of Haemorrahagic Gastroenteritis Due to CPV and Endo Parasites in Dogs of Cauvery Delta Districts of Tamil Nadu

M. Venkatesan, P. Selvaraj, M. Saravanan, S. Yogeshpriya, K. Jayalakshmi, M. Veeraselvam and N. Premalatha

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu, Thanjavur, TANUVAS

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal January 2022 : 99 (1) - pages 17 to 22
(Received: , Accepted: )


One forty-two dogs of various breeds from the rural areas of Cauvery Delta Districts of Tamil Nadu presented with signs of diarrhoea either haemorrhagic or non-haemorrhagic were screened for CPV and endo parasitic infections from January, 2019 to June, 2019. Faecal samples were collected and subjected to microscopic examinations for parasitic eggs. Parvoviral infection was tested by using commercially available rapid test kits. Less than 2%were found to be affected with severe disease and mixed pathogens were identified and they included CPV, Ancylostomaand Toxocara in various combinations. Parvovirus affected dogs were treated with colloids (5ml/kg, every 24h, IV) with antibiotics and supportive therapies. Dogs infected with concurrent helminthic infection received oral Pyrantel pamoate @ 5 mg / kg every 24h, consecutively for 3-5 days along with fluids and electrolytes. Out of 29 animals with severe disease, 14 had recovered

Key Words: Haemorrhagic gastroenteritis, Cauvery delta, Dogs, Parvoviral enteritis, Tamil Nadu

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