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Assessment of Formaldehyde in various Fish and Fish Products by Validation of Reverse-Phase High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Method

Khiratkar, K.P, Sole, S.S, Patil, P.N, Gaikwad, R.V, Bharucha, S.V, Garud, K and Umap, S.

Mumbai Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai – 400012

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal December 2020 : 97 (12) - pages 21 to 25
(Received: September, 2021, Accepted: December, 2021)


Formaldehyde residues were analyzed in various fish and fish products (fresh water fishes, marine water fishes and ready to eat fish preparations) by RP-HPLC method. The Limit of detection (LOD) and Limit of Quantification (LOQ) were 0.71 μg/mL and 2.15 μg/mL, respectively. Formaldehyde level (mg per kg) in Catlacatla, Oreochromis niloticus, Rastrelligerkanagurta, Sardinapilachardus and Bramidae were 13.90 ± 0.89, 11.85 ± 1.02, 23.01 ± 1.29, 22.19 ± 1 and 20.37 ± 1.69 respectively, while it was Nil in Labeorohita, Siluriformes and Harpadonnehereus species. Formaldehyde was not found in ready to eat products.

Key Words: Formaldehyde, Fresh water fish, Marine water fish, Ready to eat products

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