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Natural Alkaloids: An Updated Teratological Review on Livestocks

Biswajeet Acharya, Bimalendu Chowdhury, Gurudutta Pattnaik, Amulyaratna Behera, Suchismeeta Behera, Ranjan K. Mohapatra, Kuldeep Dhama, and Ashish K. Sarangi

Department of Chemistry, School of Applied Sciences, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Odisha, India

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal May 2022 : 99 (5) - pages 7 to 19
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Plant based medicine has been extensively acknowledged by all contemporary medical systems from the ancient age. Taking herbal supplements throughout pregnancy has always been healthy practice for both the mother and the fetus. Alkaloids have the highest medicinal relevance of all secondary metabolites; yet, consuming natural plant alkaloids during pregnancy may result in several undesired harmful consequences to both mother and baby by a process of teratogenicity. The major goal of this review is to provide concise and precise information about different teratogenic properties of various natural alkaloids on different livestock.

Key Words: Alkaloids, Congenital malformation, Livestocks, Teratogenicity

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