05/19 | Short Communication | Veterinary Clinical Medicine

Cow Side Tests for Detection of Ketosis in Dairy Cows

R.Ravi, G.Vijayakuma, K.Mohanambal, S.Sivaraman and B.Sudhakara Reddy

Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Veterinary College and Research Institute, TANUVAS, Namakkal – 637002. Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July, 2019 : 96 (7) - pages 71 to 72
(Received: January, 2019, Accepted: January, 2019)


Ketosis is one of the most common metabolic diseases of the dairy cows. Twenty ve dairy cows that were showing signs of ketosis subjected to detailed anamnesis, clinical examination, biochemical evaluation and three cow side test in blood, milk and urine. Out of twenty ve dairy cows twenty two cows conrmed as ketosis by estimation of blood Beta-hydroxy butyrate, milk Beta-hydroxy butyrate and urine acetoacetate test. Milk BHBA strip test showed sensitivity of 95% and specicity of 100%. Urine dipstick test showed sensitivity and specicity of 86% and 100% respectively when compared with blood Beta-hydroxy butyrate test.

Key Words: Ketosis, blood, urine, milk, cattle

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