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Pathomorphological Effects of Cypermethrin on Ovaries and Uterus in Wistar Rats

M.D. Rubina, D. Madhuri, B. Ramya and B. Kala Kumar

Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Science, Korutla, Telangana-505326, India

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal November 2022 : 99 (11) - pages 51 to 56
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Infertility has been on rise in the present scenario with female reproductive failure as the major cause. Though there are many aspects behind the failure, the effect caused by environmental pollutants like pesticides is of primary concern. In the present study, Cypermethrin (CYP) a pyrethroid pesticide is studied for its toxic effect on female reproductive organs like ovaries and uterus. Twelve adult female Wistar rats were taken and made into two groups namely control and CYP. CYP group rats were administered CYP @ 25mg/kg b.wt. daily for 28 days. Animals were sacrificed on 28th day of experiment and blood and organs were collected for analysis.There was significant (p<0.05) decrease in total erythrocyte count, haemoglobin, packed cell volume, total protein and serum albumin. Total leucocyte count, alaninetransaminase, aspartate transaminase, alkaline phosphatase, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine were increased significantly (p<0.05) in CYP group. Ovaries showed reduction in number of healthy follicles and increased atretic follicles with vacuolar degeneration of granulosa layer, degenerated oocytes, follicles with increased amount of antral fluid and corpus luteum with haemorrhages and vacuolar degeneration. Uterus exhibited thick myometrium and thinner endometrium with mild neutrophilic infiltration and degeneration of endometrial glands.

Key Words: Cypermethrin, Toxicity, Ovaries and Uterus

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