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Dietary of Maize Oil on Folicullar Hierarchy and Visceras Weight of Quail (Cortunixcortunix japonica)

Herinda Pertiwi and Tri Bhawono Dadi

Veterinary Paramedic Division - Health Department, Faculty of Voccation, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Airlangga University, Campus B Jl. Dharmawangsa No.28-30 Surabaya, East Java 60286 Indonesia

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July, 2019 : 96 (7) - pages 30 to 32
(Received: February, 2019, Accepted: March, 2019)


An experiment was carried out to examine the effect of dietary maize oil on hierarchi of folicullar and visceral weight in Japanese Quail. Samples used were 33 female quail in production phase divided into three groups. Diets contain of maize oil inclusion (0%, 4%, 6%) in feed adlibitum were administrated to quail for eighth weeks. Parameters are viscera organs weight and folicullar hierarchy. Data were analyzed by ANOVA Test. Result showed that heart weight and hierachy folicullar were signicantly inuenced (P <0.05) on group P2, whereas there was no changes on gastrointestinal tract, liver, ovary, and viscera weight. However, all the internal organs were in the good condition and work optimally. It indicated that maize oil could be used as much as 6% in diet to increase productivity of Japanese Quail, without adverse effect on internal organs.

Key Words: Maize oil, Hierarchy folliculs, Quail

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