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Therapeutic Management of Colic in a Captive Asian Elephant (Elephasmaximus)

M.G. Jayathangaraj, K. Kuotsu, S. Ozukum, Laltlankimi, N. Bhumapati Devi, N. Kuotsu and G.Das

Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex, CoVSc & AH, Jalukie, Nagaland

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July 2022 : 99 (7) - pages 84 to 86
(Received: , Accepted: )


A captive female Asiatic elephant aged about 9 years was diagnosed and treated successfully against colic. On examination, this pachyderm was suffering from dullness, anorexia and signs of restlessness. Animal was given per rectal enema with lactulose solution. Drugs like flunixinmeglumine, melonex plus (meloxicam with paracetamol combination) and enrofloxacin were also administered by parenteral route, along with the intravenous fluid supplementations. Oral probiotic powders and mineral mixtures were additionally administered. After three days of therapeutic interventions, the elephant revealed signs of recovery by passing the dung of normal consistency.

Key Words: Elephant- colic-Flunixinmeglumine-constipation-lactulose

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