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Occurrence of Pasteurella multocida Infection in Semi Intensive Desi Chickens

R. Durairajan, M. Murugan and J. Ramesh

Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Melmaruvathur - 603 319, Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal May 2023 : 100 (5) - pages 13 to 16
(Received: , Accepted: )


An outbreak of was recorded in semi intensive desi chicken farm in Tamil Nadu with a flock capacity of 200 birds with the clinical signs of congestion of rhinitis, conjunctivitis, dullness, unilateral head swelling and nasal discharge. On investigation, clinical signs started on 75 days with high temperature (41.00 C – 41.5oC), mucopurulent nasal discharge, rhinitis and greenish diarrhoea. The postmortem examination showed lesions such as thickened airsacs, congestion in liver, lungs and trachea and petechial haemorrhages on heart, liver and lungs and necrotic foci on liver surface. Impression smear from liver were showed bipolar organisms. Brain heart infusion broth and blood agar were used to isolate Pasteurella multocida from clinical samples and shown as dew drop colonies. The isolates of P. multocida exhibited the amplification of PCR amplicons of 457-bp. The collected worms were confirmed as Ascardia spp. It is postulated that free range chicken were more susceptible if birds are infected with clinical worm infestation and exposure to broiler birds.

Key Words: Native chicken, Pastuerellosis, Ascadia Spp., Polymerase Chain Reaction

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