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Aluminosilicates Decrease Cytochrome-C and Caspase-3 Expression in Mice Uterine Glands Model Zearalenone Intoxication

Amung Logam Saputro, Ragil Angga Prastya and Muhammad Thohawi Elziyad Purnama

Department of Clinic and Animal Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya 60115, Indonesia.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal February 2020: 97 (2) - pages 30 to 32
(Received: August, 2019, Accepted: October, 2019)


This study aimed to examine the aluminosilicates to eliminate zearalenone on the expression of cytochrome-c and caspase-3 in mice uterine glands. We used 20 mice balb/c strain and randomly divided into 5 groups. Negative control (C-) weren’t treated neither with zearalenone nor aluminosilicates, positive control (C+) were treated with 0.1 mg/mice/day Zearalenone, T1; T2; and T3 were treated with a dose of 0.1 mg/ mice/day zearalenone and (0.5; 1; 2) mg/mice/ day aluminosilicates, respectively. The data analyzed by ANOVA then followed by Duncan test. The cytochrome-c and caspase-3 expression were not different between C+ and T3 groups. It can be concluded that dose of 2 mg/mice/day aluminosilicates decreased the zearalenone intoxication.

Key Words: aluminosilicates, zearalenone, cytochrome-c, caspase-3

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