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Detection and Differentiation of A1 and A2 Milk fromVarious Bovine Breeds in Chengalpattu Districtof Tamil Nadu

R. Durairajan and M.Murugan

Veterinary University Training and Research Centre (TANUVAS), Melmaruvathur, Chegalpattu,Tamil Nadu-603 319

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal January 2021 : 98 (1) - pages 25 to 27
(Received: December, 2021, Accepted: January, 2022)


Bovine’s milk protein constitutes around 30% of beta casein (β-casein). Numerous studies have focused on the detection of the A1 variant of β-casein, as it often manifests with gastrointestinal complications. The present study was carried out to genotype the polymorphism in milk Beta casein gene, in various breeds of dairy cattle. The study revealed that all three types of genotypes viz. A1A1, A2A2 and A1A2 were present in the population with highest genotypic frequencies of A2A2. The study showed that presence of A2 type milk in both Holstein Friesian and Jersey cross breds. The findings explored the genetic constitution of the crossbreds for Beta-casein locus.

Key Words: Bovine Breeds

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