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Thelaziasis and Theileriosis in a cow - A Clinical Reportfrom Nagaland, India

N.Kuotsu, K.Kuotsu, S.Ozukum, L.Ralte, M.G.Jayathangaraj, G.Das and R.Vijayashanthi

Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex, College of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry, Jalukie, Nagaland

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal May 2022 : 99 (5) - pages 45 to 47
(Received: , Accepted: )


A case of the laziasis with heavy tick infestation was presented with a history of anorexia as well as excessive discharge from both theeyes. The treatment was carried out successfully with ivermectin, ciprofloxacin and oxytetracyclineby the parenteral route. There was an uneventful recovery and animal stared resuming the routine feeding related activities. The transmission of the laziasis is related to the increasing fly population belonging to the Musca species that are having preference for the feeding in secretions from the eyes of the cattle. Thelazia is the genus of the parasitic round worms affecting the eyes of numerous domestic animals including cattle, dogs, cats, sheep goats, other livestock and even many wild animals, birds and Homosapiens (Chanie and Bogale, 2014). Concurrently, theileriosis was also encountered in this animal.

Key Words: Eye worm, Ivermectin, Cattle, Opthalmitis

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