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Pathology of Naturally Occurring Johne’s Disease in Goats

R.Madheswaran, S.Mohanavel, G.A.Balasubramaniam and D.Anandha Prakash Singh

Department of Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary College and Research Institute, TANUVAS, Namakkal- 637 002, Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal August 2020 : 97 (8) - pages 9 to 11
(Received: August, 2020, Accepted: August, 2020)


Johne’s disease was diagnosed in three Jamunapari goats. They showed progressive weight loss, emaciation, chronic enteritis and respiratory distress. The gross lesions observed were gelatinisation of mesenteric fat, accumulation of serous fluid in the body cavities, frothy exudation in the trachea and lungs. The mid-ileum showed thickening with typical “corrugated appearance” of the mucosa. The intestinal scrapings revealed numerous clumps of acid fast bacilli. Histopathologically, intestinal mucosa showed “diphtheritic membrane” formation characterised by multinucleated giant cells and epithelioid cells.

Key Words: Goats, Johne’s disease, Ziehl- Neelsen stain, histopathology

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